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Tota-Chair portable dental chair
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What is Rota-Dent? about-rota-dent

Rota-Dent is an international service project of the Rotary Clubs of Newberg, Oregon USA. Rota-Dent distributes portable dental equipment donated by A-dec and W&H and is a not-for-profit organization. The Rota-Dent program facilitates dental mission trips and mobile clinics using Rota-Dent equipment in cooperation with rotary clubs around the world.

Rota-Dent Board of Directors

Ken Austin III, President
Elizabeth Comfort, Treasurer
Gary Stewart, Secretary
Dennis Nicola
Jim Hirte
Marv Nelson

The directors are named by the two Newberg Rotary clubs and the Austin family. Two members are appointed by each of the clubs for a two-year term and one by the Austin family. The Austin family owns A-dec, Inc.

Donor Companies

A-dec, Newberg, Oregon, USA
W&H Dentalwerk, Burmoos, Austria

Sponsoring Rotary clubs:

Newberg Rotary Club, Newberg, Oregon, USA
Newberg Early Birds Rotary Club, Newberg, Oregon, USA