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Portable Dental handpiece control unit with vacuum, air/water syringe, and carrying case designed and manufactured by A-dec, Inc of Newberg, Oregon.
High-speed and slow-speed dental handpieces designed and manufactured by W&H Dentalwerk of Bürmoos, Austria.
Portable dental chair

Model No 45.1253.117 Standard Unit Features Include:No3420PAC-

Manual control system for two (2) handpieces
Individual handpiece pressure and water coolant adjustments
Handpiece air coolant adjustment
Non-retracting handpiece water coolant
Handpiece and system pressure gauges
Air/water/spray three-way syringe
Handpiece tubing with Midwest terminal, 4-hole, straight gray
Wet/dry foot control
Air filter/regulator with moisture separator
Air supply quick disconnect and 25 feet of 7.63m line
Unit right-side and left-side quick disconnects for air vacuum
Steril-Vac assistant’s instrumentation with one-quart container
Self-contained water system with 750 ml bottle
Stainless steel B-size instrument tray, 9_ X 13_” (25 X 34 cm)
Anodized aluminum chassis with adjustable height tripod stand
Tool kit
Field repair/service kit
Control head carrying case

Handpieces: (Included with Model 45.1253.117 above)
TE-95RM Highspeed Handpiece

  • 350,000 rpm maximum operating speed
  • Pushbutton/friction grip
  • Single spray
  • Standard 4-hole fixed connector

WE-56 Lowspeed 1:1

  • 20,000 rpm maximum operating speed
  • 1:1 operating ratio
  • Pushbutton chuck system
  • E System Attachment connection style
  • Standard 4-hole fixed connector

Total Price: $1,950

Optional AccessoriesA-dec P/NRota-Dent P/NPrice
A-dec 3460 portable dental chair (62 lbs/28 kg)
Features include:
Adjustable chair height: 8” - 28”
Adjustable tilt backrest: tilts 75° from horizontal
Arm slings
Vinyl upholstery
Carrying bag for portable dental chair
Available colors: Driftwood$150
W&H Handpieces:
TE-95RM Highspeed Handpiece0.100597360.10059510$170
WE-56 Lowspeed 1:10.10255632 0.10255603$130
HE-43 Straight 1:10.101543320.10154303$110
HP-44M Prophy0.101144320.10114403$90
AM-25RM Air Motor0.100025320.10002522N$200
Handpiece Set (includes 1 each of above items)$700
PO Box 772
Newberg, Oregon 97132
Phone: 503-537-2756 (Voice Mail)
Fax 503-538-2126

Most or all equipment provided by Newberg and Salzburg Rotary Clubs are serviced in the field. Authorized A-dec and W&H dealers are located throughout the world. Technical information and the most needed repair parts will be provided with the equipment to aid in field service. In the event of a malfunction or required service that cannot be accomplished in the field, the equipment can be maintained by dental dealerships in the user’s locale. TO PREVENT THE POTENTIAL SPREAD OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE DENATL UNIT EQIPMENT BE ACCEPTED AT A-DEC FOR SERVICEING. W&H handpieces are accepted at A-dec and any authorized service dealer throughout the world.