Adec Portable dental chair with fishtail
Tota-Chair portable dental chair
TotaChair with carrying bag
Rotary Club of
Newberg Early Birds


TōtaChair – Portable Mission Chair

Through feedback we have received about our portable chairs from mission projects and expertise represented in our club in relation to various mission service projects around the world, the Rotary Club of Newberg Early Birds is providing TotaChair, a light weight “tote-able”  multi-use chair.

Designed and developed Ken Austin, co-founder of A-dec, this chair is fabricated and assembled by Rotarians donating their time and talent, and made available for use in mission outreach projects, or for local uses. It is designed as a compact and transportable chair for use in temporary settings in remote regions of the world.

The convenience and simplicity of this portable chair will lend itself to many different uses for service projects.

There is no qualifying requirement for purchase of this unit, but we believe every non-profit that provides mission service work of any kind, will find this chair an invaluable compliment to their equipment.Adec portable dental chair Nepal-4

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Light Weight  (21 lbs)      Easy to Transport         Carry it anywhere    Dimensions                     Folded 22″ X 20″ X 6″    meets airline carry-on limits Zippered Carrying Bag  Ease of Carrying           Convenient, portable        Weight Tested to 800 lbs     Works for all users                                                Adjustable Back and Head Support      From full upright to Supine              Easy Set up and take down      takes 2 to 3 minutes                                            Leg Support                     Adjustable to 3 positions                                                Stable Stance                   Great for remote and primitive settings                    Polyurethane Sealant       Easy to Clean                Sanitary